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Possible False Positive - ChPrio.exe


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I'm not actually working this thread at TSG but have been following it and I noticed MBAM detected this:

Files Detected: 1

C:\WINDOWS\system32\Tools\ChPrio.exe (Spyware.Password) -> Quarantined and deleted successfully.


I found one thread here referencing this detection as a false positive back in 2011 which was subsequently fixed:


Please let me know if you require a developer's log or anything else to verify the file. :)

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Here is the log, but I can't navigate to this path. I can only see this file through malwarebytes file assassin, and here is also a screenshot of properties of this file. I can't even make archive with this file, because I'm getting message that file path is not valid. I can only copy this file and send you copy version of it.

mbam-log-2012-05-07 (21-38-50).txt


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I had same problem year ago, with same file. Than you said that it is a valid file, leftover after some installation. You can see original file (which is not modified since than) in here: http://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=88005 . Then it was called: (Rogue.SystemSmartSecurity).

I accidently post this same reply in that old thread. Sorry for that.

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