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malware blocking sites ZA doesnt...

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i'm far from an expert on these things, which is why i'm here. i just downloaded malwarebytes in the past week, am on the trial of the full version, and i notice when i'm using my torrent downloaders i'm getting warnings about potentially dangerous sites. I've checked my ZA log and just noticed no such warnings are there. so is the malware program overly sensitive or is ZA not doing its job?

then i went to GRC and ran a few tests...it said it's allowing ping requests.....is this a big deal or not?

then i decided to go to some known 'naughty' sites and malware wouldnt even let me get to them. but when turned off the program, it did. then on some other sites it would let me get to them but then give warnings about malicious sites being blocked. again, ZA had no record of these...but is it supposed to? or is malware just doing something different than ZA?

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eusa_hand.gif You are playing with fire & quite likely to get infected, what between your 'torrent & 'naughty' sites plthumbsdown.gif

filesharing/downloading from unknown sources is one of the leading causes of transmission of malware.

Risks of File-Sharing Technology.

P2P file sharing: Know the risks

MBAM protection mode with malicious website blocking is doing well.

in my opinion, your ZA is not up to par in blocking these nasties. i_rolleyes.gifAnd you're exhibiting risky practices

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