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The ImgBurn says "Device Not Ready (Medium Not Present)"

I have two burner drives D: & F:

The OTLPE defaults to F: drive, which does not appear to be working.

(The system recently had a new mother board installed & I haven't had a chance to test the CD/DVD

programs...The D: drive is reading CDs but the F: drive doesn't appear to be functioning.

Problem OTLPE only seems to see F: & doesn't offer an option).

Neither drive is spinning as quickly as my head at the moment.


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Put it in the sick computer and boot it up, it takes a while for it to load, once loaded you can do what ever you want.

You need a flash drive to transfer the doc or pix.


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Encountered: XpeRunOnceEx

"Error while executing:[[xpeinit-s-f-m "Changing USBroot to Y" autorun_USBroot.cmd

The [[ actually looks like two straight long lines

There's an OK click below

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Your last response took me by suprise. I had gone to burn another ORLPE cd, anticipating we would have to do it again.

I remembered your tip to "Burn it at a slow speed to avoid errors" and thought this might have been the problem.

You might note that OTLPE starts burning with a MAX speed default to any poor soul who has to take this trail in the future,

so they don't have to stop the burn & load another cd to reset the speed, they can open the program before loading the cd.

As it happened, I clicked the "OK" and it resumed until another error message-

"Error while executing:[[xpeinit-f-m "starting WB Themes"%SystemDrive%\Programs\wbloadEx.exe -auto

A third error message after clicking "OK" again and resuming again was a RUNDLL titled error-

"Error loading Setupapi The paging file is too small for this operation to complete."

That left me with a light blue background with 21 icons including "Magic Jelly Bean" and "Recycle Bin"

How are we doing?

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Come now...take a chance!!

When you run jelly bean it's going to display the key that goes with the operating system that's on the computer.

See if it matches the one you have for the XP cd you're going to use to put the new operating system on the computer.


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FYI-Icons on desktop

My Computer


Windows Registr...

My Network Places

Internet Explorer


7-Zip File Manager

Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder

Agent Ransack


Disk Investigator

MS Keyviewer Plus

Disk Partitioner

notepad ++

Drive Image XML


Handy Recon...

Test Disk


Undelete Plus

Recycle Bin

Is this standard? Any missing? Clues to the error messages?

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