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Old file suddenly turns up as a trojan.

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This afternoon while doing a standard weekly scan of my computer, I was shocked when MBAM found that a file that has been on my hard drive for over two years was suddenly classified as a trojan. I uploaded the file to Virus Total, and it came back clean (0/42), but I'm still uneasy as to why MBAM would suddenly consider this file to be a threat.

I'm running the latest version of MBAM with the latest definitions on Windows 7, fully patched. I browse and use all internet facing applications in a self-purging Sandbox, and in time since the last scan with MBAM, I've not let anything out of said sandbox. The file in question was deleted by MBAM, so I'm unable to submit it or process it as a false positive. What I can say about it, though, is that it was a utility that allowed the decade-plus-old game Deus Ex run on modern systems. The name of the file was DxFix.exe and I believe I obtained it from http://kentie.net/article/dxguide/ - It was labeled as (Trojan.Zipdrop) in the log file. As I said, I no longer have this file on my computer, out of fear it was malicious.

Is this likely to be a false positive? Or have I had a Trojan sitting on my hard drive for over two years that only MBAM can see, and only saw just today?

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Greetings :)

This likely is a false positive.

Please refer to this post: Read before reporting a false positive!

and post the info here: False Positives and one of our researchers will investigate the issue and respond as to whether or not this is a false positive, and if it is, they will get it corrected.

Thanks :)

Thank you, but as I said, the file was deleted. Thus, I cannot follow your recommendations. I appreciate it, though.

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