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cursor freezes shortly after desktop appears except in diagnostic mode

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I am reposting this because the support guy who misread/misunderstood my bug report (as I informed him) has locked my original forum request for help. I hope someone who reads carefully will answer me before he locks this one too. I wasted a lot of time with him about a previous bug before someone else rescued me a few months ago. Tom, do not lock this, thanks.

I'm running Windows XP SP3. The cursor freezes a few seconds after the Desktop appears. I have MalwareBytes Pro latest version database v2012.04.26.04 installed.

Following some info I found on the net, I brought the system up in Diagnostic mode, whatever that is, and the cursor does not freeze. If I disable via msconfig all the Start stuff and bring it up in normal mode, the cursor freezes.

I did a full scan and Antimalware reported no problems.

(By the way, I cannot move from one tab to the other in antimalware with control tab, how is one supposed to do that when the keypad is non-functional?)

Any idea what evil thing is freezing my cursor? I assume it is malware of some sort due to it not happening in diagnostic mode.

I sent in this question to Malwarebytes Support, and they pointed me to a FAQ section about Antimalware itself freezing due to a conflict with antivirus programs but that is irrelevant to this. I am not running AVG whatever that is, and it is not Antimalware that freezes. Antimalware in fact works fine if I drive it with the keyboard, except for not finding a problem.


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The reason he closed your other topic is because you are being assisted in the help desk.

If you get instructions to do thing there and then other instructions here, it could make it more difficult to find the problem and help you effectively.

Please stick with whoever the help desk person is, they will find the root of your problem.....

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