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cursor freezes shortly after desktop appears except in diagnostic mode

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I'm running Windows XP SP3. The cursor freezes a few seconds after the Desktop appears. I have MalwareBytes Pro latest version database v2012.04.26.04 installed.

Following some info I found on the net, I brought the system up in Diagnostic mode, whatever that is, and the cursor does not freeze. If I disable via msconfig all the Start stuff and bring it up in normal mode, the cursor freezes.

I did a full scan and Antimalware reported no problems.

(By the way, I cannot move from one tab to the other in antimalware with control tab, how is one supposed to do that when the keypad is non-functional?)

Any idea what evil thing is freezing my cursor? I assume it is malware of some sort due to it not happening in diagnostic mode.

I sent in this question to Malwarebytes Support, and they pointed me to a FAQ section about Antimalware itself freezing due to a conflict with antivirus programs but that is irrelevant to this. I am not running AVG whatever that is, and it is not Antimalware that freezes. Antimalware in fact works fine if I drive it with the keyboard, except for not finding a problem.


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