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Cant access desktop to use MBAM to clean fake Security Essentials

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Im having trouble removing this malware from a PC remotely.

I have no physcial access to the machine and can not connect remotely.

Safemode doesnt work as it still loads, ctrl, alt & Del appear to be disabled.

I was hoping to be able to provide a boot disk or something to try to clean machine on boot, but see MBAM doesnt have a bootable CD version.

Any suggestions ?

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Are you the owner of this system? Is this a business computer? Anytime a rogue program is loose, one has to be highly concerned about the safety or lack thereof & the likely exposure of sensitive data, such as financial data, etc.

Who has the direct presence where this computer is? The owner should take charge and disconnect this system from the internet until this is all resolved.

Consider using Windows Defender Offline. That can be made to run bootable from a USB-flash-pen drive or CD/DVD (Just remember the tool is updated periodically, so you can not plan to have it current for more than a day or two)

Windows Defender Offline is NOT a substitute for a resident antivirus/antimalware program.



This is only a suggestion. I will not be able to help you further on this situation.

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