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Babylon is a gatecrasher I cant get rid of

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I'd started this on the general forum and have been asked to post this here by moutaintree16 and noknojon

I run Windows XP, and Firefox. All applications are middle of the road. I downloaded PDF creator and pdf architect etc from PDF forge and it came with baggage. I accepted Google Chrome, Real Player upgrade and Babylon for translations.

It gave me a toolbar which I didn't want - so I went into Firefox Tools to get rid of it. I also deleted Babylon program file.

But I can't get rid of Babylon search. Also some web sites on firefox no longer work eg travel route planners - maybe it's related or unrelated. It says something to do with Adblocks.

I've looked around for what to do and seen "use about:config" or "go into c/documents and settings to delete all things babylon". But I cant find c/documents and settings on my system.

so whilst i know Babylon is not malware, just pesky, incorrigible and pernicious, I'm coming to the experts

please help me get rid of all things Babylon, and bring Firefox back to normal.

I have a Malwarebytes licence which runs regularly and detects no problems - the rest of the system is clean

Thank you

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