How do I add IP addresses to ignore list?

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A forum I like to visit is affected by the Cloud Flare problem. The only way I know to get there is to disable malicious website protection and restart my computer. So I do that, visit it for a few minutes, and then turn the protection back on and restart my computer again.

I saw this advice for adding a desired IP to an ignore list:

The other option of course, is to right-click on the MBAM icon in the systray and select "Add to ignore list".

However, I agree with you comments about the problems that this black listing creates. It needs to be solves and I hope Malwarebytes will act quickly on this.

What is a systray? I don't see a right-clickable malwarebytes icon anywhere.

When I open the program using my desktop shortcut I see an Ignore List tab. I open that up. I see an Add button. But when I hit the Add button it seems mostly to be about my computer. I don't see anywhere to enter a particular IP.


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They were referring to the system tray icon for Malwarebytes Anti-Malware on the lower right-hand side of your screen near your system clock. After a block occurs, you may right-click on the tray icon after you receive the blocked IP notification and use the Add to Ignore List menu to add the blocked IP to your Ignore List.

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Thanks. Finally found it. It was in the "hidden icons" section. There are about 12 other things in that section I see now that I don't recognize. LOL. Got some exploring to do.

Thanks for the help. ( :

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