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Trojan Vundo in psqlpwd.dll & Registry entries

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- If this no the correct forum please advise and I will repost - thanks

The Problem:

- I updated Malwarebytes on my XP Pro Toshiba laptop last night and ran it.

- This morning it reports Trojan Vundo in...


HKey_LocalMachine\software\microsoft\windows\CurrentVersion\SharedDLL\Windows\System32\psqlpwd.dll Value c:\windows\system32\psqlpwd.dll

HKey_LocalMachine\software\microsoft\windows NT\Current Version\Winlogon\Notify\psfus

Apparently this has to do with the fingerpring device on my Toshiba Tecra laptop (Fingerprint Potector Suite Check) and Googling it I find at least one place that tells me not to remove it.

The Question:

- How do I get rid of this Malware without having to reinstall the system.

I really appriceate any help.


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Anybody know if this is a false positive? It was never there before... so I conclude that my XP-Pro laptop was just infected with it.

And... if it is NOT a false-positive... then I still do not know if it is safe to let Malware bytes "remove" it and the two registry entries.

Thanks for any help on what I should do next.

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Check the False Positive part of the forum. I posted a thread there and it's been resolved. I also have a Thinkpad laptop. :D

I always google stuff now before I let any security software get rid of anything, after having permanently lost a file I didn't want to lose to security software a few months back. This .dll had such an oddball name that it really startled me to see it come up last night, but I took a deep breath and did some more checking. The Malwarebytes people were very quick to respond to this. Great job! I'm really impressed.

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  • Root Admin
Type: Winlogon Notify

Name: psfus

Filename: psqlpwd.dll

Description: Protector_Suite

This entry is classified as legitimate.

It is either part of a legitimate program or the operating system itself. Removal is not needed.

I would post in the FP forum and try to upload the file just in case some Malware has injected it.

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