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Clean temp files before cleaning or not

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Hello, I got a comment on my article here:


which said that Malwarebytes used temp files in its analysis of an infected computer and would therefore be less effective if I used CCleaner to clean the temp files before cleaning an infected computer, as I had been recommending in my article. However, they couldn't point me to where they had found this information.

I was wondering if this is true and, if it is, then why would this make a difference?


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Hello Chiron,

The way you phrased your initial question leaves me a bit over-confused.

In any event, due to recent super-nasty malwares (like SMART HDD as 1 example) that move & hide shortcuts to Windows startup programs, menus, etc to temp-files-area

it has become the practice of late to NOT empty out temporary-files. We skip that old practice and we usually ask for a good report from DDS or similar tools for review first.

If temporary files are deleted way too early-on, then in cases like SMART HDD, the user will not easily recover their shortcuts.

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Hello and :welcome:

I do not recommend running any temp file cleaners like CCleaner until the computer has been fully cleaned of any infection that may be on the computer. Some Malwares are known to hide folders and move start menu items to temp folders. If you run temp file cleaners before starting the removal of the infection and you are infected with one that moved your start menu items, you will end up deleting those items. This will make it harder to clean the computer and get it restored back to working order.

Temp files cleaners should be run as the very last step, but only after you are sure you are finished with the cleanup process.

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