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Computer Freezes at start up

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I'm trying to fix my sister's computer that freezes everytime during start up. What happens is that once I log on, it will load all start up programs for about 2 to 3 minutes then all of a sudden it just freezes. I can't move the mouse or do anything other than unplug it. I tried leaving it on for a few hours just to let it load but it doesn't move and it restarts by itself. Although it runs perfectly fine on safe mode.

The steps I have taken so far are:

(1) I tried system restore to last known good configuration- did nothing

(2) I tried disabling all start up programs via msconfig- did nothing

(3) I tried chkdsk via safe mode- did nothing (i'm not even sure it loaded up cause when I restarted I didn't see the usual scanning process)

(4) I scanned with malwarebytes pro and superantispyware free via safe mode- found nothing

Could it be that the fan in her laptop is dead? I noticed that the fan is really loud when it's loading. I'm no computer expert so I didn't wanna open it and mess it up, any ideas on what else I can do? Also, is there anyway I can back up her files via safe mode just in case something happens?


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You mean burn the CD from the ISO image ?

If yes, I have never tried it so I do not know.

BTW: Is this a laptop or a desktop ?

If it is a laptop, make sure the cooling fan and fins are not blocked. Blow compressed air through the fins to make sure there is no dust collected.

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