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Multiple Anti-Malware/Virus Programs - benefit?

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I would guess that trying to run too many anti-malware/anti-virus programs is counter-productive as they would interfere with each other, particularly if they are set to do some form of real-time scanning (or whatever the techical jargon is for that). Currently I use MWB Pro and Norton (Anti-virus). However as no program is "perfect" is there any benefit to using say Malwarebytes Pro as the main form of protection against malware and then using a second program (not with real time scanning) to perform intermittent additional scans?



PS OS Windows 7 Professional (64bit) on home PC

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Greetings and welcome :)

We do not recommend running Malwarebytes Anti-Malware without an active antivirus solution, the reason being that, while antivirus software tends to focus on more common threats, most of which we do not detect, our focus is on the latest, most difficult to deal with infections.

We accomplish this through our dedicated Research team and a very large group of experts from throughout the online security community who provide our Researchers with samples and sources for samples and advanced heuristics detection methods to catch new unknown threats.

Our program is designed to run light on resources and run in such a way as not to interfere with your antivirus. In other words, even if there were some overlap, which there certainly sometimes is, if a threat comes along that would be detected by both programs, your antivirus would make the detection first and remove the threat before Malwarebytes Anti-Malware's realtime protection ever checked the threat. However, if it were a threat not detected by your antivirus, but is something that Malwarebytes detects, then once it got past your AV, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware would make the detection and stop the threat before it was able to get into your system.

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Hi Physioz,

Malwarebytes Pro is designed to support an antivirus program so I would not recommend it as a standalone program. My personal suggestion is a layered set up of: Malwarebytes Pro+ Avast Internet Security. Whatever Avast doesn't catch, Malwarebytes Pro definitely will.

I currently have the same exact set up on my windows 7 and I have yet to catch a virus. Also both are very light on your computer resources and light on your pockets too :).

I would also recommend using Mozilla Firefox over using Internet Explorer because in my experience it's more stable and there's less security holes with Mozilla. Another bonus with Mozilla is the add ons you can download with it. I personally like Adblock plus to get rid of the annoying pop ups on most websites. For added security you can even download No-script for your Mozilla, but it's somewhat of a hassle to keep clicking "temporarily allow all this page" but it's a worthwhile hassle in my opinion.

Lastly, I recommend downloading Secunia PSI, it's free and what it does is that it scans your computer for any outdated programs like Adobe or Java.

Sorry if you already knew all this but I just wanted to help if you didn't already know :).

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