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Limited User Accounts

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Hey all, it's been a while since I've posted... But I'm considering buying the pro version and want to find some kind of definitive answer on this.

Dad's pc was just hit by some form of malware which MBAM and MSE were struggling to deal with, and rather than mess around we decided to format. We've been using the free version of MBAM for years and I figured that maybe it'd be a good idea to upgrade and get the realtime component to try and stop this happening again.

But as I understand it, at least when I was last reading about it, the realtime module does not function correctly in a limited windows user account. Is this still the case/was it ever the case?

What are the consequences, if any, of running the pro version from a limited user account?


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A staff member will have to give more info as I'm not entirely sure, but I do know that because of a limited account many functions of mbam will be restricted due to requiring elevated privileges. There were never really any issues other then that limited users could not remove threats or perform certain actions.

If you are running Windows Vista/7 then it's not really needed to run a limited account as UAC should require authorization in most cases with a popup.

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  • Root Admin

The program works perfectly fine in a limited user account. The program and the database rules cannot be updated by a limited user account (which for security reasons they should not)

However the PRO version should be setup from an Admin account so that the SYSTEM is the account that updates the database rules based on any chosen schedule.

You can also try the 14 day Trial of the PRO version if you want to test it out.

If you have other questions please let us know.

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Ok, ended up getting three licenses for our PCs. I've got one more question... On our main PC, we have one admin account which isn't used day-to-day, and limited users for all of us. Does this mean that scheduled updates (scheduled from the Admin account) will not run unless the admin account is logged on? Or will these updates be able to run in the background anyway? Cheers.

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