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After cleaning fake HDD malware "photothumb.db" files suddenly visible in multiple folders

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Hello. Many thanks to all the help provided in this forum. I recently had a minor run in with a fake HDD rogue which hid my desktop icons. Malwarebytes took care of the malware and (after searching this forum) i used UNHIDE to bring the desktop icons back. Multiple scans with Malwarebytes, TDSSKiller (and other programs) have my machine running perfectly again. However,...now I see "photothumb.db" data base file icons in many of my folders (mostly photo and document folders). These were not visible before. Could the UNHIDE program have made these visible? Are these a concern? Are they safe to delete? Any thoughts appreciated. Again...the computer is running fine otherwise. Cheers.

p.s. This the icon I am seeing:


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Yes they were hidden files before and UNHIDE made them visible. You can change your folder settings if you like to not show system files and they will no longer show but otherwise there is no concern.

Thank you kindly, AdvancedSetup! I thought that was the case. You experts here are the MB forum are the best! Cheers!

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Hi AdvancedSetup....I am back today because I just noticed something strange. I rarely ever launch programs from the "Start Menu". I either launch them via the Desktop or via Windows Explorer. I went to launch "Accessories" from the Start Menu today and noticed that MOST of the Start Menu folders are showing up as EMPTY. Also, the "Accessories" folder (and subfolders) is missing from the Start Menu. All programs can be lauched via the Desktop or Explorer without any trouble. Do I need to run UNHIDE again? Any ideas on how to get them back into the Start Menu? The computer is running fine otherwise. Thanks.

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