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Some Suggestions I would Like to make

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I use Malware Bytes alot and has help my computer and other to recover and become malware free - Thank You :)

However i would like to know if there will eve be these suggestions into place

1) Takes Alot of Memory ! ( I read another topic and that this is being taken into consideration :) Thank You )

2) A option which tells the % of the total progress of the scan in a bar

3) A option to automatically Shut down the computer after a FULL Whole Computer Scan

I know this is just wishfull thinking but it would be great if Malwarebytes Team created another version for Anti Virus Protection as well 2 in 1 combined

( I run AVG and Malwarebytes)

Thank You

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Greetings :)

Thanks for the suggestions.

Regarding 1, the scanner takes quite a bit of memory, but that's sadly unavoidable (though of course, once the scan is complete and the scanner is closed, that memory is freed up). For the protection module, possibly reducing the amount of RAM used is something that we plan to look into at some point.

For 2, we've considered this many times and have always come to the same conclusion. Such progress bars are never even remotely accurate, so even if we did implement one (and I'm not saying that we won't mind you), there's simply no way that it would be even a rough estimate of the time that remains in the scan. I've run many scanners over the years and have never found one that had a progress bar that even gave the slightest sense in any accurate way of how much time in a scan remained.

For 3, this is something that would be convenient, especially for our paid users when they schedule a scan and it is something we're considering possibly implementing at some point, though I do not know when.

As for releasing a product which contains a full antivirus engine, I know we have no plans for such a product at this time, but that doesn't mean that it won't ever happen.

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more tips to improve

expand password privilege, meaning that for disabling protection, closing, uninstall, disable process >> all MUST HAVE PASSWORD PROTECT

called as self defence

and i agree with the above guy

"3) A option to automatically {{{Shut down-standby-restart}}} the computer after a FULL Whole Computer Scan"

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