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AVG, Cleverbridge, and malewarebytes.org

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IE will not display malewarebytes.org. What is that about? Is that dead? I tried to find out from M$ and they just wanted 56.95. Bill Gates really needs to put some of his bonus billions back into his cash cow.

The Cleverbridge site just will not post a ticket. What is that sites relationship to Malewarebytes?

It took me 10 hours on dialup to update AVG. I called to complain and what do they tell me; that I need to take MBAM off your computer. They sound as braindead as HP and Norton tec support (I have neither any more). They seem to have a script. AVG is so stupid it thinks any program's exe file is a virus if it is more than two years old (e.g. M$ Train Simulator); so you can only use it selectively on files. What they really need is a DL manager on their site so that if the phone company cuts you off you don't lose the 100MB you already downloaded. They have no update mirror you can grab with you own DL manager. But try to explain that to some one there and you get a script.

Look, Malwarebytes had the best tec support I ever had bar none. They helped me destroy and clean up some really nasty crap. They had me doing what I'd have to pay the people at the shop hundreds of dollars for. I'd hate to lose that because of a corporate shuffle or something.

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Yes, I mis-spelled malwarebytes more than once in my post, but www.malwarebytes.org will not display. This situarion has been going on since the 2 April 2012. IE is running this website in "compatability mode" and it looks pretty sketchy I cannot get from here to the above URL or from the program itself. Nor can I get to the site from Google or the list in my favorites. All I can get to is a site selling Malwarebytes and a site called Cleverbridge that says it is tech support for Malwarebytes.

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Is it possible that your PC is infected? I ask because the symptoms you describe make it sound as though there could be an infection at the root of these troubles.

If you're able, please contact Consumer Support and they will assist you directly.

If you cannot reach that URL, then please send an email directly to support@malwarebytes.org, including a description of your issue as well as your CleverBridge reference # from your original purchase, and they will respond promptly to assist you.

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