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Internet Explorer market share surges, as IE 9 wins hearts and minds


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Internet Explorer market share surges, as IE 9 wins hearts and minds

By Peter Bright | Published about 17 hours ago


The browser wars are back on in earnest. For the second time in three months, Internet Explorer made large gains, picking up almost 1 point of market share. Chrome, Firefox, and Safari all lost out, as Internet Explorer 9 won over new users.

Read the complete story with additional graphs and statistics at http://arstechnica.c...s-and-minds.ars


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Guest Seagull

It doesn't surprise me that Internet Explorer won, since all new PC's come with Windows 7 on them that has Internet Explorer 8 already installed.

Also since there are more PC users in the world then MAC users (to my knowledge), and most people just stick with using Internet Explorer and some even don't know that other browsers exist.

I am glad Chrome is doing good, its right behind Firefox making it 3rd on that list.

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I do not like having to deal with all the addons for firefox so I either use IE9 or Opera myself and safari and opera on my mac.


I love all the various add-ons for Firefox; I'm using Firefox 12.0b3 right now with about 29 of my favorite add-ons and I can make that baby dance all night long to ANY tune *I* want it to play. The browser gets more stable, uses less memory, becomes more secure, and flexible, with each improved release. I love it..


No Arthur; I'm *not* a Firefox Browser fanboy.. :P Just a satisfied user!


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