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[Comment] Test - with - IS 2012 Products

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Hello Malwarebytes Team,

ive done a little Testing with Malwarebytes and just can say - GREAT JOB GUYS and GIRLS - :)

A little info for the users out there:

Test accoured on actual live Machines:

DELL - Buissnessline Products (Lathatude, Precision and so on...) Workstations and Notebooks

Fujitsu - Buissnesline Products (Lifebook, Superior, Celsius) Wokstations and Notebooks

Costum PCs - i7 2600K with 8GB Ram and so on... ;)

Combinations with AV Products:

Consumer Products -> Norton IS 2012 - Comodo IS Pro 2012 - ESET IS 2012 - Kaspersky IS 2012 (NO Demo licences or Special Account licences)

Bussines Products -> McAfee Endpoint Sec. - Trendmicro Officescan - ESET Bussines Sec.

Malwarebytes Version: 1.60

Test Scenario:

Full Systemscan with and without Malwarebytes

Signature Malware Conflict Forceing with AV Scans

Protection on Systems Test Impact!


So what did i do?

Ive got my self a couple of machines and started testing with Windows 7 Pro 32 and 64bit.

Plus i wanted to see what happenes with the PC when Malwarebytes and a AV Scanner found the Same Malware on the exact same second on the Machine - Conflict Forcing! ;)


It all happened on image rdy machines so after each test i reimaged the machine and installed a nother AV Product. ^^ Yes ive got time..... ;)


The result was simple - Malwarebytes Provided the AV Scanner with More Proactive Protection and if something came thru Malwarebytes scanner DESTROYED the infected file. XD or in some cases the AV Scanner! Without conflicting each other..... NICE


Now i would love to see how the Enterprise Malwarebytes version looks a like and how it acts with users in a Domain Network. :)

So Malwarebytes keep up the GREAT Job.....

Best regards


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