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so i was given a command to run thru cmd to see what is using rundll32.exe and i ran the command but i dont understand the results.

any help would be nice please

rundll32.exe 1496 ntdll.dll, kernel32.dll, KERNELBASE.dll,

USER32.dll, GDI32.dll, LPK.dll, USP10.dll,

msvcrt.dll, imagehlp.dll, IMM32.DLL,

MSCTF.dll, nvinitx.dll, ADVAPI32.dll,

sechost.dll, RPCRT4.dll, shell32.dll,

SHLWAPI.dll, uxtheme.dll, dwmapi.dll,

ole32.dll, CRYPTBASE.dll, CLBCatQ.DLL,

OLEAUT32.dll, CRYPTSP.dll, rsaenh.dll,

RpcRtRemote.dll, actxprxy.dll, comctl32.dll

no clue what any of that means

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From my reply to your previous thread:

Well, all of those DLL's are loaded by RunDLL32.exe. If you wish, you may do some research as to what each file is. I suggest using a search engine, though not all results will be reliable (some sites simply say that any file you search for is or could be an infection, even when the file you're searching for is a perfectly safe system file).

The following sites are reputable and will let you know info about each DLL, and if a file is listed, that means that a file by that name exists within a default installation of the operating system:

Windows 7 DLL File Information

Windows XP DLL File Information

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