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Suggestion for IP Blocking Log, to show actual problem.

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I'm old and stay confused most of the time, but I'll try and make myself clear on what I'm asking and suggesting.

When a IP is blocked it shows Avast Service is letting it pass , rather than showing the actual file,program or location. This does absolutely no good,

unless a scan finds the problem. It may or may not,hmmmm. Wouldn't it be a lot better, if it showed where and what the outbound call originated from so it could be removed/fixed ??

I hope that made sense. :blush:


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Greetings :)

The following information from Section G of our FAQ should prove helpful:

  • Why is Malwarebytes' blocking my antivirus?
  • It isn't, but it may appear so because of the process name shown in the pop up which belongs to your antivirus. This can happen if you use an antivirus software that intercepts all incoming and outgoing internet traffic to look for infections which makes Windows think it is your antivirus initiating the connection and thus Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware thinks the same thing. In the below example you can see that the process name is avp.exe, which belongs to Kaspersky Anti-Virus even though this block was incurred by using Internet Explorer:

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No, unfortunately, at least not with our existing technology. I am still hopeful that eventually, if our IP blocking mechanism is advanced and changed to use different technology, that it might allow a way around this, but I'm not certain if or when that would be, or if such changes would allow a way around this.

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