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Can't uninstall Codec-C


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I downloaded Codec-C while trying to stream a video and now I can't uninstall it. It's removed programs from my start-up menu and makes random words on webpages hyperlinks. I looked up Codec-c (after installing sadly) and found that it's 'high risk malware'. I've tried running norton scans and haven't been able to remove it, I'm really not that tech-savy so any help would be very appreciated.

Thanks!! :)

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Well this makes me feel really silly but I just figured it out!

For anyone else trying to solve this problem in internet explorer, here's what I did...

1. Go to Internet Explorer --> Tools (on the toolbar)

2. Manage Add-ons --> Wait for the window to pop up and click 'Toolbars and Extensions' under Add-on Types

3. Right click on Codec-C --> Click 'More Information' from the drop-down menu

4. One of the last pieces of info is Folder (For me it was C:\ProgramData)

My issue was that I couldn't find C:\ProgramData through windows explorer. Instead of searching for program data, type C:\ProgramData into the top address bar and you should see a Codec-C folder. i deleted that as well as any other programs that were installed at the same time. If you switch to details view, you'll be able to see the date and time that you installed the file.

Hope that helps anyone else that was in my situation.

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This is not something related to MBAM usage issue. I am moving the topic to PC help.

The MBAM General sub-forum is for issues on usage of MBAM program.


Lesson learned ?? Never, ever download a "codec" that some video-widget asks you to get. This method is a prominent way to get your system infected !!

Always make sure about the "trust"-worthiness of a source of downloads.

Scan any download with antivirus & anti-malware before doing the setup.

Consider using Web of Trust WOT add-on for your browser(s)



For your immediate follow-up: Scan your system with MBAM, and then with your antivirus program.

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