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Malwarebytes disables File shared folders Windows XP SP3


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Just installed a fresh copy of Windows Xp Pro SP-3 and all updates.

Acitvated Shared files for a Document folder.

Everything working, able to access shared folder from other computers on home network.

Installed Malwarebytes Trial version

rebooted computer

Computer nolonger accepts access to the shared folders from other network computers.

Unchecked and Rechecked Folder Properties.

( Share this folder on the network)

( Allow network users to change my files)

Rebooted Computer and Restored System to Pervious day.

Still unable to access Shared File Folders.

I'm about to reinstall Windows again.


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Hello and :welcome:

Sorry to hear you are having issues. It sounds more like a permissions issue or perhaps a firewall issue.

I may be wrong here as I am not a developer or on the Malwarebytes staff, but Malwarebytes does not affect Shared Files for Folders or access to these folders.

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Okay, I found out what the problem is with the File Sharing but not what’s causing it.

I uninstalled Malwarebytes, Microsoft Net Framework 2.0 SP-1 & SP-2,

Acronis True Image Home 2010 13.0.7046.

Reinstalled Microsoft Net Framework 2.0 and all Net Framework updates.

Windows XP File Sharing allows me to connect to Shared files.

I installed Acronis 2010 again and the File Sharing stopped working, so I

uninstalled Acronis and Net Framework an reinstalled Microsoft Net Framework

again without Acronis or Malwarebytes.

Windows XP File Sharing is working again. Looks like Acronis and Malwarebytes

are conflicting with Windows Access Permission Control. I just ordered Acronis 2012

and will test it when it comes in.


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I ran a demo version of MB (version

Unfortunately I've the same problem as Arthuru that access to shared folders on other PC on my home netwerk is impossible.

I ran the MB-demo on a PC and a laptop. Both now have the same problem. Os is Win XP Pro with SP3. All PC's and laptop do have auto-logon.

An uninstall of MB and my virusscanner Bitdefender Internet Security 2011 didn't help.

Any suggestions?

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