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SNMP trap in windows 7 firewall


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So i was removing a game from my computer and well i was removing the left over files i went into the windows firewall and noticed something by the name of SNMP trap. Now what i found odd is it didnt have permission (no checkmark in the boxes) to go thru the firewall but is till find anything on the internet about what it is.

any help would be greatly appreciated

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Hi, fivealive:

I'll bet David H. Lipman will know EXACTLY what this is (seems to be related to networking and something right up his alley). :)

In the interim, a quick Google search of "SNMP trap" turned up a wikepedia article and several more:


Mostly geek-speak to me, but it seems to be legit?


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LOL, yes I do.

SNMP - Simple Network Management Protocol

There are two parts for SNMP which uses the UDP protocol (SNMP 161 & SNMP Trap 162).

SNMP is loaded on a system or device and using an associated platform related Management Information Base (MIB) you can query the device for its state and health.

Additionally there is a SNMP Trap daemon loaded on a centralized system (Network Management Station - NMS) that receives alerts from systems and devices and keeps records of the alert events. For example if a system has a fault it will send a datagram over UDP port 162 message to the NMS (SNMP Trap IP address).

SNMP is well known and there is a plethora of information on the 'net describing SNMPv1, SNMPv2 and SNMPv3.

Wireshark can decode SNMP trap messages and in "C:\Program Files\Wireshark\snmp\mibs" are various Management Information Bases (MIBs).

SNMP can also be used internally by a Windows system through the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)

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