vdsldr.exe causing frequent memory hiccups

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I'm a Windows 7 user and I'm not sure when this started. It might have started last week, and have no idea if it's an error or something malignant.

Every minute or so my cursor briefly flashes the loading animation, and anything I'm doing (most noticeably gaming) lags for a split-second. I got tired of this and started watching the task manager, and sure enough every time one of these "hiccups" occurred, vdsldr.exe appeared briefly on the list. It usually has no description when it appears, but on rare occasions the description "virtual disk service loader" is present, or appears after a moment like it was having trouble loading it. It's smaller than the 22kb to 24kb I've read this program is supposed to be, though I dunno if that means anything. When I choose Open File Location, it takes me to the system32 folder, and it's the only vdsldr.exe in the entire folder that I can see. I do a search for the program and only get that one -- as far as I can tell there's nothing posing as vdsldr.exe, and neither Avast nor Windows Defender finds anything malignant on my compy, so I'm assuming it's some sort of error that I can't fix.

Is this the vdsldr memory leak problem I've read about that I'm supposed to download a hotfix for? Because I thought that was only for Vista.

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