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I hardly know how to begin this as I am so disappointed with the support issues I currently face.

I am corporately licenced for 2 pcs. When Malwarebytes stopped working on just 1 of them about 2 weeks ago, I emailed support who then asked questions about order numbers and versions.

I supplied this information but surely from the order number you could have determined the whether it was corporate or not - don't you have customer details ?

I was then asked to download an app that would collect information about my system so that you could diagnose the problem - this didn't work because of firewall / av issues. Eventually, I was able to send this back. Why not add - "in case this doesn't run - try disabling your firewall / AV etc"

I then got an email back with comments saying that I had Windows 7 home premium yet corporate malwarebytes and this was an odd choice for a business - sorry guys - thanks for the comment but isn't that a little condescending ? What's it got to do with solving my problem ?

My other machine runs windows 7 home premium and doesn't have a problem - what is the point you are making ?

It then went on to comment about what looked like registry flags that were set 'wrong'.

I know you have to delve into these things to get your app working and I also appreciate how low a level it operates at but - guys - please use some customer friendly language and don't make me feel as though I'm stupid by not setting my PC up properly - that's how it comes across.

The next part of the process looked so complicated and to be honest - I don't want the hassle so have asked for a refund and by the way, guys, everything else on my PC seems to work ok - it's your bit that is causing me the headache right now.

As a consequence - I have lost out on what was a great app and you have lost a customer - and you think that I have odd ways of running my business ??? Try holding a mirror up to your customer handling.

Couldn't find any other place to put this as the 'contact us' seems to be sales or support.

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  • Root Admin

I'm sorry you felt you were not supported well. I am the one that attempted to assist you.

I was trying to make sure you were aware of what OS you had because some small business customers have been duped by someone selling them the wrong product is all. I also made it clear to you that it was not an issue only that you should be aware.

Concerning the order number request, no we do not store any customer information, that is stored and managed by Cleverbridge which is why I asked you for the information.

We certainly could put all types of information about firewalls and Anti-Virus into a post about what to do or not do but that would be a long list and most customers would not read it, as you pointed out that trying to fix an issue was already complicated.

There was no intent or insinuation that you did anything wrong - you replied back that you wanted a refund and I honored your request. I do apologize if you felt you were not treated well as that certainly was not the intent.

Thank you

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