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Acceptable Keyloggers

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Hi Everyone,

I'm the owner of a business and I know my employees spend much of their time surfing sites like Facebook, etc.

I installed Perfect Keylogger (as is my right as the owner of the machines my employees should be working with during the time I'm paying them for), in order to get the evidence of my employees' waste of resources. One of them installed and ran Malwarebytes, and as a result, found the key logger and uninstalled it...

My use of a key logger is completely legitimate, and it is obvious that my employees are using my computers for personal uses, else they would not have uninstalled the keylogger...

I would like to know whether there is a way I can keep Malwarebytes in there (as I have learned, it is good to prevent other threats), but still keep my right to have the keylogger installed and running on my machines. Is there a list of approved keyloggers i should be aware of?

Thanks for your help!

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Installing malwarebytes is a violation of the license agreement in a business. You need to apply for the corporate edition. The pro version on the main page is for home use only as goes the free edition.


Now for keyloggers someone more knowledgeable will have to respond. It's a controversial subject and you have to be careful on what is actual malware and what is not.

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In the US (and some other countries) is is legal to monitor the actions of the employees using the company provided assets. However, keyloggers is not the best or ethical way to go about it.

It would be far better to perform the following...

1. Create an organizational Authorized Use Policy (AUP) that defines what the employees can and can't do while using the company assets. For example stating that a user can only surf during their lunch hour and what sites they are and are not permitted to access and layout corporate actions for violations. All employees from the CEO down must sign the policy and should be kept on record with Human Resources (HR).

2. Use Group Policies to limit the user's ability to make modifications of their computers which could alter the Information Assurance level of the platform and its security.

3. Use Limited User Accounts so they can't install software.

4. Implement Content Filtering and Firewalls rules and force all Internet traffic to go through it.

5. Monitor the traffic for AUP violations and for Content Filtering and Firewall rules modifications.

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