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portable version of MBAM

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I was infected by a virus today and there was no way to install MBAM.

the XP system didn't had admin rights for my account, and so the chameleon folder failed to install MBAM.

At this point I felt a bad need to have a portable version, which should have bypassed any installation, etc and helped cleaning the infection.

Somehow I was able to find one online, but the question still remains good, if there would an Official Portable MBAM ever?



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At grrr,

If you can boot into the OS, you can use this http://portableapps....spybot_portable. Being logged into Windows, you'll have all the administrator rights that you'll need, especially with Windows XP. I can attest to the fact that Spybot's portable utility, when installed to a USB thumb drive, will scan and fix many issues... probably at least enough to let you install other software.

To scan and remove viruses and malware without being able to boot to the Windows drive and OS, you will need a bootable USB drive or CD/DVD with anti-virus included in the build. Such an item of bootable media would, most likely, use a form of Linux as the main platform. That means that you won't need any Windows administrative permissions to delete from the infected drive. Linux "doesn't care about" Windows passwords or privileges. It handles all data on the drive as raw data.

I still remember older versions of MBAM that would let you install to a USB drive and run it from there. I also remember versions that allowed you to add them to a bootable disk. But, from what I understand, there were licensing issues.

I, for one, respect and highly value MBAM. And I would pay for a version that allows portability and bootability.

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