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Firefox Bookmarks Toolbar - Icons keep disappearing

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Hi all,

Ever since I installed Malwarebytes with real time protection, it zaps away all my pretty little icons in my Firefox bookmarks toolbar.

The toolbar, to clarify, is the horizontal strip that runs across the top of the Firefox browser; you click on the icon and it takes you to that site.

But Malwarebytes replaces my colorful icons with generic grey rectangles.

How do I tell Malwarebytes to leave them alone?

I appreciate any suggestions.


Mr. Mustard

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Thanks for the reply, fivealive.

No, I do not have Firefox set to clear the cache and history. Malwarebytes is clearly causing the problem; it goes away when Malwarebytes is disabled (and it first appeared when I first installed Malwarebytes).

how odd i have pro installed my self and i dont have this issue and i got dozens of bookmarks in that bookmark bar.

how puzzling do the pictures show up when you go to the site ?

also what version of firefox are you using?

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Firefox 11.0.

I don't have Malwarebytes installed on my laptop. Maybe I will install it and see how the icons behave.

Can I do the pro version with real time monitoring on more than one machine?

the license key is only good for one computer at a time

BUT you can install it on your laptop and turn the trial on its the exact same thing

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Hi, MeanMrMustard: :)

I can't possibly imagine how MBAM would be removing your favicons.

If you recently updated your Fx to v11, then it may be an extension that is misbehaving, or a corrupt profile, or perhaps you have Fx configured for private browsing?

Here are the some suggested steps for troubleshooting:



The first step will be to restart Fx with in Mozilla SafeMode (with extensions disabled) -- this is NOT Windows Safe Mode. ;)

If the problem resolves, then it was an extension. The tutorials explain how to proceed.

If the problem doesn't resolve, then it may be a corrupt profile, and the articles likewise explain how to proceed in that case, as well.

In the interim, you might find that the CheckPlaces extension will fix the problem.



PS Since this is unlikely to be an MBAM problem per se, the mods may move this thread to PC Help or another sub-forum.

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