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Compatibility Concerns ~ Overall

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This should better explain my situation & concerns.

The following are installed on my HP LapTop:

- OS is Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

- Kaspersky PURE ~ Have used Kaspersky for years & satisfied overall w/ its performance.

- WebRoot Window Washer - To avoid compatibility issues w/ Kaspersky (according to Kaspersky) I keep it turned "off" & use it only when I want to cleanup my system.

I have used the "free" version of MalwareBytes & was impressed w/ its results so I purchased the PRO version.

In the past I have wasted more time dealing w/ technical issues, getting conflicting answers from "supposed" experts, & forums than using my LapTop as a tool to make $$$.

All I want to do is finally make $$$ & know my LapTop is protected. For me a LapTop is intended to be a "tool" to make $$$. I don't care how it works since I do not pocess the capability for that type of thinking & it is a waste of my time to try. It is better I rely on "legitimate" experts. That is why I need to know whether or not MalwareBytes PRO will be compatible w/ my system. If it is compatible, than exactly what is involved w/ properly setting up MalwareBytes PRO w/ my system? Because of past experiences I am fearful I will have to make adjustments, change settings, run tests, etc.

I look forward to input from a “legitimate” expert.

Thank you

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