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trojan.FakeFireFox ?


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MBAM doesn't scan ZIP files.

However MBAM is falsely flagging the legitimate Firefox installers from the legitimate Mozilla site.

f:\Stuff\Stuff\Mozilla\Firefox Setup 11.0.exe (Trojan.FakeFireFox) -> No action taken. [802ee09e09533cfae3d48f06c937be42]

f:\Stuff\Stuff\Mozilla\Firefox Setup 3.6.28.exe (Trojan.FakeFireFox) -> No action taken. [c2eca9d55408e3536057ace9f50ba55b]

Firefox installers.zip

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I just got this, too.

(I still had the Fx 10.0.1 and Fx 10.0.2 installers in my downloads folder -- they've been there for months and are legit.)

This seems to have popped up only with the latest database version (2012.03.14.06)

I told MBAM to ignore the detections for now.

Will this be fixed with the next database????

EDIT: Sorry, my bad. I see that it was mentioned HERE that it is about to be fixed.

UPDATE: All fixed with the most recent database update (2012.03.14.07). Thank you VERY much for your exceedingly fast turnaround! :) MBAM is the BEST!

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