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Meebo...how to get rid of it...

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I recently found what appears to be an add-on to Firefox as I haven't used any other browser for months. It offers to connect me to social networks via Meebo, Facebook Chat, AOL IM and others. I have now idea how this got on my computer as I haven't even heard of Meebo before now. When I put "deleting meebo" into a search engine all I get is how to delete using a Username & Password...but I really don't want to register with them. Any suggestions??

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Hello SF Shoim and Welcome to the Malwarebytes Forum.

To disable to add on on Firefox

Open Firefox

Click on Firefox to bring up the menu

Click Add On

Click on Extension and Disable the Add On you no longer want to use

You can always try to delete Add On from the Add/Remove Program in Windows

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Hello SF Shoim

I installed Meebo to see how it works and how to disable or uninstall the add on. So I was able to install and get the toolbar at the bottom of my Firefox and then afterwords I uninstalled the toolbar through Add ons >> Extensions and then click remove. Then I needed to restart Firefox.

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Hi, SF Shoim:

In addition to everyone else's excellent & expert suggestions...

...if all else fails, you could just create a new Fx profile and then move your prefs and bookmarks or anything else you want (except the extensions) to the new profile.

(It's not a bad idea to create a new, fresh profile from time to time in Fx and TB, anyway...) :)

If that Meebo thing isn't a global extension, it should not affect your new profile.

(BTW from some threads at MZ forum, it seems it was likely installed as a bundle with some sort of toolbar you might have installed...)

Here are some links to the helpful KB articles at MZ forum, if you need them:







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As Chris said, there is a tool bar extension available that is easily uninstalled.

However, even if nothing is installed, be aware that Meebo can still load tool bars at certain sites by running JavaScript from the site.

Entertainment Weekly and TVGuide are two amongst others.

Meebo can load the tool bar even on a fresh installation of Firefox.

For Firefox you can use the NoScript add on by Giorgio Maone which blocks JavaScript and Flash, etc from running on a site until expressly allowed.

Download site at Mozilla - https://addons.mozil...addon/noscript/

Developer's site - http://noscript.net/

To block this in Internet Explorer, you can add meebo.com to the restricted sites in Tools -> Internet Options -> Security

Here's what the toolbar looks like when running in IE from Entertainment Weekly via JavaScript.


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