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Adequate Security

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I am planning to use MBAM Pro with Avira Free. I am wondering if this combination is adequate security coverage, or if I should also have a firewall. I have only dialup internet so I don't want to slow my browsing anymore than necessary.

If I also need a firewall, please recommend a free light firewall that is compatible with MBAM Pro and Avira Free.

Thank you

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Guest Seagull

Hello. Since your on dial up the Windows Firewall would probally be your best bet performance wise in my opinion, and I think you would be just fine with the Windows built in firewall.

Using a third party firewall is just a matter of personal preference and if your looking for more advanced configuration and outbound protection.

Other then that, I think with Avira, MBAM and Windows Firewall you would be just fine, especially since your on a dial up connection.

Hope this helps. :)

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Guest Seagull

Its hard to say, my guess is that it would, since that it will also has to monitor the outbound connections as well.

I agree with Buttons, outbound protection is only good as a fail safe but other then that I don't see a need for it.

I personally use ESET Smart Security 5 and I leave the firewall on Automatic which allows all outbound connections but blocks all non-initiated incoming connections.

If a nasty gets on your machine, that's why you have your Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware solutions, an Outbound firewall won't be able to tell what a virus or a piece of spyware is or not nor would a outbound firewall prevent an infection if malware got onto your machine.

I personally never heard of Private Firewall so I can't help you out on that one, maybe someone else will have some more knowledge on this.

I hope this information helps. :)

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