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Older Games Not Playing After MBAM update

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As with a number of users running XP, I experienced problems with the new version of MBAM. However, the instructions re: uninstall/reinstall had fixed that issue.

I ran a scan and it did not turn up any malware. However, when I went to play two games I had been playing before taking the above actions, they would not fully load. Each would get to a certain point and then simply disappear. No error messages would appear. Just loading to a certain point and then they were gone. These are older arcade games from 2007.

I would just like some thoughts as to whether or not MBAM may have something to do with this. It may of course be a coincidence, but it just seems a bit strange that suddenly the games will not fully load. Both were from a particular gaming website. I'm confused as IMO if MBAM mistakenly identified them as malware it would have shown up in the scan.

Any thoughts on the matter would be greatly appreciated. Just checking so that I can narrow down what may have happened. Don't think MBAM had anything to do with this, but one never knows.

Thanks for making such a great product. Best anti-malware on the web!

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Hello LostHearts and Welcome to the Malwarebytes Forum.

I have not heard of Malwarebytes blocking installation of software without a Windows appearing stating the program could be dangerous and giving you the option to remove, ignore or disable the protection module. If you could include your protection module log in your next reply at the time you were installing the games it will show if Malwarebytes was detecting the games or not.

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Thank you for your reply. My being somewhat ignorant, can you please let me know how to obtain a protection module log. I've tried to search Google for help but nothing came up that I can understand :(

It is really strange. Only some games are affected. For instance, if I click on the Gem Ball shortcut, it will load for a few seconds. Each time I continue to click on it, it will load more of the game until I get to the "choose your level" page, upon which time the game disappears. One would think the game would either load or not load. And no error messages at all. Why would it progressively load and then poof!

The day before uninstalling/reinstalling Malwarebytes I had played two of the affected games with no problems. As I stated, may be just coincidence. Trouble is, I am getting ready to clone my HD as I'm installing a larger HD plus adding more RAM. But no use cloning a drive that may contain problems like this until I can resolve the issue. (cannot redownload games: they are old and no longer available.)

Have a great day!

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Well, I found the culprit! It wasn't Malwarebytes--it was Avast. Thinking back, I remember recently turning on a feature in that program about pop up warnings re: suspicious websites or programs. Avast apparently has an issue (with the latest update) with older PC games and would stop them from loading. All I had to do was tell it to let the game open normally and--they came back!

Glad it had nothing to do with Malwarebytes. Learn something new everyday....which is a good idea anyway. Thanks for your reply. I am a happy gamer once again. :D

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You are quite welcome, we appreciate the follow-up to let us know everything is working well for you.

If you have any other questions or issues arise in the future please do not hesitate to create a new topic describing your issue in detail. A friendly forum helper will be glad to assist you.

Thank you very much! :)

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