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Please make manual updates Easier

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As the title states, please make manual updates of the scanner easier.

There should be an expectation of being able to download a copy of the definations, and run it onto a computer.

Google brings up posts from 2009. The update version is 1.8357.0.0. The website I got that from states to say in forums if it hasn't been updates http://malwarebytes.gt500.org and lists the last page update as 12-15-2011.

running this update corrupts the database for mbam.

Your program is otherwise excellent. You let yourselves down, as the first time I show people malware byte is normally after they have been infected, and they see what a hassle manual updating is.

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  • Root Admin

Not sure what you're really meaning. All the user has to do is click the update button and it will update the program. The offline manual updates are really for an infected computer that cannot run the update. For normal use of the free version just click the button.

What you're saying is not really about manual updates but rather how to remove an infection.

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Okay I will try and rephrase so you understand what I mean.

I did think manual update was a reasonably common term for downloading an update to the virus/malware definations/library from a web site, (from any computer) and manually running that file on an infected or non networked computer to update the program's database. It is also sometimes called an offline update.

At one time Malwarebyte provided these at the website I linked to above (See Manually Updating Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (MBAM) at http://malwarebytes.gt500.org/ ), and also had a forum thread or two linking to the same location (http://data-cdn.mbamupdates.com/tools/mbam-rules.exe) . That website states: "Someone is supposed to be updating the mbam-rules.exe download once a week now. If there are any lapses in the update frequency, please feel free to stop by the official forums and let them know".

It seems it's been so long since being updated that even the term has been forgotten :P

The old link on http://malwarebytes.gt500.org/ really needs to be removed and the old mbam-rules deleted ... it corrupts the current version of MBAM. It needs an update to the text on that page as Google & Searching this forum will still direct people to that link. Other websites refer to the old link too e.g. http://www.mytechguide.org/7213/how-to-manually-download-definition-updates-for-malwarebytes-anti-malware/

It shouldnt be hard to do a manual update.

Google/Web search "update definations manually" and you will see dozens of examples of what I am suggesting: An explict way of downloading an update to the defination database that you can copy from a computer connected to the Internet to another computer without a net connection.

Ideally the manual update files should be easily found, and not require MBAM installed (So people can use a computer that may be a different OS amongst other reasons).

I hope that is clearer.

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The offline manual updates are really for an infected computer that cannot run the update. For normal use of the free version just click the button.

As said above: The first time I show people mbam is normally after they have been infected.

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  • Root Admin

Well not sure why you would go to another site for an update to our program if you've been using it for a while now. Again your reasoning is typically based on Tech Support users looking for ways to automate using our program to clean systems. Normally most manual updates are done directly from within the program.

You can look on our FAQ and item #4 explains how to update the program manually.

Thank you

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Okay, I wont keep hitting the dead horse after this post. I'll have one more attempt at explaining my suggestion/request. I am getting the opinion you are not trying or have fixed in your mind some ulterior motive for my suggestion.

I'm not sure why you don't understand, or why you seem so anti about it. Or if you are just picking snippets from my posts.

Please understand, I'm spending this time as I think MBAM is an excellent program, and whenever I do a clean up an infected computer for someone, I tell them to purchase MBAM, as it will be better, quicker and cheaper than getting me to fix it again.

I work at a school, and regularly suggest to lots of parents that they need a malware removal tool, and my personal choice is MBAM.

I'm not a full time tech, and most jobs I do are for mates, or for a carton of beer to say thanks for saving their computer.

Part one: Suggestion to make manual or offline updates available again.

I think that you are making it harder than it needs to be to perform manual/offline updates, and are in fact behind the standard/

All the leading antivirus vendors offer this. Superantispyware offers this. Only MBAM makes you use my computer and copy files from an existing installation. It's primitive and error prone.

MBAM used to offer manual/offline update methods. So I don't understand why you seem unable to accept that the idea or seem so anti the idea of it.

Again your reasoning is typically based on Tech Support users looking for ways to automate using our program to clean systems

You say again, but you said nothing like this in your earlier post.

My reasoning is based in being a tech support person. Why is that an issue or a bad thing? I do want to able to sit there with my tablet and download the update while at someone's house. I don't have MBAM on my work computer as I have a personal single licence version on my home PC.

I used to be able to copy the trial version of MBAM, the MBAM-Rules, tell the parent 'run both of those in safe mode' and not have to do anything else.

The average user gets a blank stare when asked to copy specific files to specific locations. And often stuffs it up.

Again, it is something Malwarebytes used to provide, and I'm suggesting its available again.

Part Two: The outdated information

This really is a side track. But I tried to point out that this forum and google results take you do an outdated manual update which invalidates the database. I think that makes MBAM look amateur.

Even a text update on the http://malwarebytes.gt500.org blogspace saying you no longer support the mbam-rules method would make you much more professional looking. It would show you can take five minutes to prevent people applying the wrong method. And I'll note again, that page states to contact the forum if its not updated.

The FAQ doesn't have item #4 listed in table of contents. People who cant find things normally google for the information, which will get them the old MBAM-Rules.

The FAQ item #4 refers to downloading it from the same link as the http://malwarebytes.gt500.org which I mentioned already as invalidating the database. At least the FAQ warns that it wont work on version after 1.60.

Thank you for your time.

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Hi Grund

The manual update package hasn't been updated yet because of the incremental updates that were included in version 1.60. Staff regularly focus on malware and such so they require some time to update it. It'll be updated I'm sure as if you search you'll see that they are aware of the issue. :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

I agree with Grund 100% and think he's being pretty clear. On the last 10 computers or so that I've had to use Malwarebytes, with a fresh install of Malwarebytes, the built-in update process fails. Finding the latest manual update is not easy and most of the time it seems to corrupt the database. In most situations, i've given up trying to update and just use the 60 day old database that comes with the program download.

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The manual update works fine, I have used it many time so long as you follow the insturctions correctly. You have to make sure you copy both files not just the rules or you will get an error.

ISSUE: I need to get the latest database onto a computer that cannot access the Internet.

SOLUTION: You can manually copy the database from a working computer using a flash drive or CD onto the infected PC. Our database file is stored in the following locations.

Windows XP and 2000

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\rules.ref

Windows Vista and Windows 7:

C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\rules.ref

Note: Starting with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 1.60, you must also copy the file database.conf located within the Configuration folder which is in the same folder as rules.ref listed above.

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If you are a tech support user and have a valid Technician's or Corporate license for our program (which is required if using our program in any business manner, including PC repair), then you would have access to other tools which we offer our Corporate customers and would likely accomodate offline updating, scripted automation and many other enhanced tools and features which we offer to our Corporate customers.

If you are indeed a Corporate or Technician's license holder, then please contact Corporate Support and they will provide you access to such tools and documentation and assist you with what we have to meet the needs of your business/environment.

Now, all that being said, we do plan to have a new version of mbam-rules.exe that works with 1.6x versions of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware soon. That should help our home users having trouble updating via normal means due to infection.

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Perhaps if some of the people here would take the time to actually LISTEN to this gentleman with an open mind instead of instantly jumping to paranoia on full mode and desperately searching for some nefarious motive behind every criticism offered, they might learn something.  Of course we all know how much better everything would be if it wasn't for those damned annoying customers right?  Frankly, I find the attitude displayed by some in this post reprehensible.  The guy is trying to offer you a simple way to help improve your image to potential PAYING customers but all he gets is grief and platitudes.  Thats absolutely shameful in my opinion, thank you very much.

Perhaps SOME of you, assuming of course you could spare the time, just might could consider a scenario where one person is attempting to help a computer novice cure a problem with their computer.  I know its probably a stretch but I can imagine, if I try REALLY REALLY hard, that someone might could tell someone else something along these lines...

"Okay, on a computer that works, go to "this" link and download MBAM, "this" link to download the latest update.  Copy both to a thumb drive and take to the busted computer, run both files then do a scan and let it fix what it finds."

Geeze, sounds overly simplistic hunh?  Obviously could never happen right?  That would be just too damned easy and ummm, logical wouldn't it?

And since we've now dipped into the realm of total fantasy, here's another nefarious suggestion for the almighty powers that be.  Something that I'm sure could never even be a remote possibility without a multi-billion dollar government bailout.  INCLUDE THE LATEST DEFINITIONS IN THE MBAM INSTALLER DOWNLOAD!  How frickin' hard could that be eh?

Could someone give me a DUHHHHHH!!! ?

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As I said, we do plan to have a working version of mbam-rules.exe available soon. We had to rebuild it to be compatible with 1.6x versions of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, which requires time and effort by the developers. That's why the current version doesn't work.

As for having the latest rules with the installer itself, that would be a lot more difficult, as we'd have to constantly rebuild the installer and make sure that every one of our official hosts for the download, like CNET, MajorGeeks etc., always have the latest build, something that isn't easy to do (I also know of no other security software vendor that does this, but I can certainly see why it would be more convenient). The fact that we update our database many times each day means that the installers would likely be constantly out of sync and we'd end up spending more time recompiling the installer and sending it out to our hosting sites than we spend on improving our product, and I don't think anyone wants that.

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Malwarebytes use to be the 'go-to' program to get Windows repaired for those of us who 'volunteer' to fix friends & relatives machines.

When you are faced with a machine that will not connect to any network, you're forced to manually push the files.

This is not easily accomplished now.

Seems that this sector is not in the business plan any longer. Rather annoying to those who clicked the 'Paypal' donation button back when.

Anyone else remember when Malwarebytes was user oriented? Oh well, things evolve...

From the Wayback site:


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Greetings and welcome :)

We do still offer options for updating the program offline when needed. Item #4 of our FAQ still applies. We have been keeping mbam-rules.exe updated much more frequently and it is now compatible with all current versions of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.

It's just as easy as it ever was to push the files manually, it simply requires copying over one small additional file (which is also how the program validates that the database is not corrupt or malicious).

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  • 11 months later...

I just cleaned an offline computer. The FAQ for this was helpful, thank you.

To reiterate, I fully updated my version of MBAM on a clean, network connected computer. I put the latest binary plus the newly updated "rules.ref" file onto a USB drive:

C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\rules.ref -- was where I found it on the clean computer, you might have to find your own install folder

I installed the program (from the link above) on the infected computer, and overwrote the "rules.ref" file (save the original as rules.old just in case)

It worked to get rid of some newer nastiness, including a root-kit that was logging who knows what... Thanks!

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Excellent, I'm glad you found it useful :)!

Also, if you haven't already, you might want to check out some of our other malware removal tools such as Malwarebytes Chameleon, a tool used for not only getting Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to run when blocked by infections, but also for getting it installed if it isn't already as well as our latest tool, Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit BETA, a powerful rootkit detection and removal tool designed not only to kill rootkits, but also repair the damage they frequently cause.

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  • 2 years later...

I provided detailed instructions for a method to update MBAR manually and it was deleted by "AdvancedSetup" and this is what he stated:


Thank you for your interest and your post about manually updating MBAR but the post has been removed as that type of an update is not recommended or supported. The program has been out and running fine for the majority of users now for many years without then need for such manual type updates.


Thank you again



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