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remove malwarebytes 14-day trial

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Used the 14-day version of Malwarebytes to check system while working with a Microsoft Security Essentials tech to resolve a conflict. He uninstalled Malwarebytes when done with the work. Now I see mbamservice.exe running in processes, using considerable memory. Also have a folder Malware Bytes in Programs directory. It contains: mbam.dll, mbamcore.dll, mbamnet.dll, and mbamService.exe. Malwarebytes does not show up in the list of installed programs in "Add/Remove Programs" list. How can I get rid of these files?

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  • Root Admin

Well not sure who really helped you but it sure doesn't sound like they knew what they were doing.

To fully remove the program please download and run this tool. Then after the reboot manually delete the file and folders that this Tech created and that should be it.


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Thanks for the response. In the meantime, I rebooted. Surprise! mbamservice.exe as well as the folder and files in "Program Files". Of course, I should have tried that in the first place. Someone once told me, about computers, that rebooting should be the first step in trying to solve a problem. True in this case. As for the Microsoft Security Essentials tech, after messing around a long time, he did solve the problem I was having. MSE had been running at 85%-100% of CPU with System Mechanic installed, even when no application was open. Now it's down to 2%-5%.and the system has speeded up a lot.

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