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A big THANKS to Metallica for all the items in Removal Instructions area that we take for granted -

His Removal instructions for Security Shield were used last week on a clients computer.

It led to a MBAM Pro Version sale and made my job a lot quicker as all instructions are clear and simple.

I think we tend to overlook that this section exists unless we actually have a problem that jams a computer.

The people were in a panic as all AntiVirus and other security would not work while the Rogue was still installed.

Once identified I could use my laptop to D/load a renamed version of MBAM and remove this infection plus 3 more.

The process was very simple, and they are written in words easy enough for most to understand and perform.

Again Thanks for Your work in this area -

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Those topic's get a lot of Views.

No way of knowing how many have been helped, but I'm sure there's been alot.

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