Which Browser Should You Use?

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Which Browser Should You Use?

Not all Web browsers are created equal. Some are faster; some are more versatile; others are especially secure.

By Megan Geuss

February 27, 2012 10:48 AM ET

PC World - Everyone needs a Web browser, but with so many different ones available, deciding which one is best for you can be hard. Are you looking for something blazing fast? Or is strong security your top priority? Or do you need lots and lots of add-ons?

We examined the latest versions of six widely used desktop and laptop browsers--Chrome 17, Firefox 10, Internet Explorer 9, Opera 11.61, RockMelt 0.9, and Safari 5.1.2--paying special attention to such variables as speed, safety, extra features, and extensions. (For our appraisals of five popular mobile browsers for the Android operating system--Chrome for Android Beta, Dolphin Browser HD, Firefox for Android, Opera Mini, and Opera Mobile--see "The Best Browsers for Your Android Phone.") Among the PC browser contenders, Google's Chrome version 17 narrowly captured the crown as the top performer overall in our tests, thanks to speedy JavaAScript rendering and page load times, excellent security tools, and a respectable array of add-ons and features. Mozilla's Firefox 10 finished a close second, processing HTML 5 graphics faster than any other browser and sporting a huge library of add-ons to make browsing easier and more fun.

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i personally use firefox and i love it and with addons its rather secure. at least id like to think so XD

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