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Location of malware

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There are possibilities related to malware in document files. They consist of Trojans and Exploits.

However they will tend to be new files you download not data files you currently have or have been using. Therefore the chances are low but still present so there are some safe guards that need to be in place prior to transferring the files.

In the case of MP3 files or other media files there is a chance of a Wimad trojan. It depends on where you obtained the MP3 file.

When you transfer data files from an old, infected, computer make sure the new computer has a fully installed anti virus application installed such as AVG, Avira, Eset NOD32, Kaspersky, Microsoft Security Essentials, etc, such that it is up-to-date and performing "On Access" scanning (some call real time scanning). Make sure the new computer has all the latest versions of software and the OS and all software are properly patched an up-to-date as well before you transfer files.

This way when you transfer the files the files will be scanned just to make sure that that there aren't any malicious files in the bunch. It would also be a good idea that when you do the transfer have the fully installed anti virus application scan "all file types" not just default file types.

Once you have the destination computer prepared to receive the data files, then transfer the data files. Upon completion of the data transfer you can revert the fully installed anti virus application back to scanning only default file types.

NOTE: Do NOT copy executable files (DLL, EXE, COM, etc)

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