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I sometimes have problems with Malwarebytes Pro blocking my Teamviewer connection to my home desktop computer. The computer that I am trying to connect to blocks the ip. Here's a copy of the content of todays ip log:

2012/02/27 02:33:17 -0600 GROHSPC Owner MESSAGE Executing scheduled update: Hourly | Silent

2012/02/27 02:33:18 -0600 GROHSPC Owner MESSAGE Database already up-to-date

2012/02/27 09:44:51 -0600 GROHSPC Owner IP-BLOCK (Type: outgoing)

2012/02/27 09:44:53 -0600 GROHSPC Owner IP-BLOCK (Type: outgoing)

2012/02/27 09:44:57 -0600 GROHSPC Owner IP-BLOCK (Type: outgoing)

2012/02/27 09:45:00 -0600 GROHSPC Owner IP-BLOCK (Type: outgoing)

All scans come up clean and this occurs only when trying to connect to it with Teamviewer.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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