microsoft security essentals not showing in notification area

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so i turned my computer on and it boots up and i sign into the computer account (only one i have which is an admin account) and im watching everything turn on in the notification area but i noticed that mse wasnt their the icon for it anyway.

when i checked the services program it shows that the anti virus is running and its shows its running in the task manager and in the msconfig. all show its running yet the icon is not their well my question is what causes this iv had it happen a few times a reboot of the computer always fixes the issue and mse shows up on reboot.

i am running windows 7 home premium with mbam pro and mse as the only active protections ( for other security i use browser addons) and the windows firewall up and running.

i did google the issue and it was suggested i edit the registry to "fix" this issue but im leery of doing that .

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I've had this occur on occasion myself. You shouldn't need to edit the registry yourself as someone (an unofficial Windows support site called The Windows Club) has created a tool to fix this and other MSE issues automatically.

Run the Fix MSE utility created by The Windows Club to repair issues with Microsoft Security Essentials:

  • Please download Fix MSE from here and save it to your desktop.
  • Extract it and double click the extracted file to run it
  • Click the Fix MSE button and exit
  • Reboot and verify that MSE is functioning as it should

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Oo I've seen that happen a few times. Thanks for sharing the fix Exile, I'll keep it bookmarked! :)

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