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Malwarebytes Trial Doesn't End

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Hello, this is my first post

Ok, the Malwarebytes trial won't end. (gladly). It normally counted down in the beginning until 0. It stayed at 0 for about 3 days and went back up to 13 days left. It's acting like WinRAR and is stuck on 13 days, won't go down. Why is this? I am using 1.6. This is good! Ha ha. I downloaded it because someone was using a RAT to access my computer.

I just want to hear your thoughts!

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so the free version of malwarebytes have a trial notification? because i didn't know that i was trying to download the free version and when i see the days countdown i tough i get the wrong one so i download again but i still have the same count down is it normal?

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I have the same problem I am hoping it is a glitch and not a spoofing of the software. Malwarebytes has been the only software to give me an effective starting point solution to a 6 month hack fest on my computer. Please tell me this is an opps on the counter. The count seems to reset when i do certain updates and will count down from 13 reseting randomly after updates. I also get an error message regularly after scans; can't remember the text exactly, I will post it here next time I get it. in essence, it reads 'that service is only avaialble to our registered users' sorry for the vagueness. I will buy the software as soon as I can afford it which should solve the problem ;).

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