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How do I remove.... Back door: Win32/Fynloski.a

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Hello, How do I remove the Win32/Fynloski.a?

It appeared on my system a couple of weeks ago I believe, And now I am getting extremely mad at it, Since It is doing things I do not like.

I do not know what this actually does so please give informative information on what this is and how I can successfully remove it.




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This is your third thread on the same subject.

You failed to respond to Mr. Charlie, answer all my questions or follow Daledoc1's directions.

None of us can help you if you are unwilling to help yourself. I have directed a moderator to view this and the two other posts.

Please respond with the information that has been previously requested of you to provide which included the instructions in I'm infected - What do I do now?.

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You're not explaining this well, Why do I have to go to another thread?

My apologies.

It is not merely "another thread" but a set of instructions to follow running specific analysis software that will create log files. Posting those log files will be a starting basis for your assistance. MrCharlie eluded to this on 2/18/12 with "Post back the 2 logs." and you never responded. Sadly just posting "How do I remove the Win32/Fynloski.a" and it was MSE that identified it is not enough to help you.

If you want help, you have to do some work on your own because no forum helper is looking over your shoulder and seeing your computer.

Please look at and follow the instructions in I'm infected - What do I do now?.

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