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Just wonder why is blocked. Actually whole range seems to be blocked.

I use http://ww.ip-address.org every day and it looks as they have changed location their server (IP address of the site is now and now surprisely this site is blocked becasue you are probably blocking whole range because of some another site.

According to http://www.ipaddresslocation.org they are other 180 website that use same IP address

IP-Address.org is my favour IP tracking website and can someone clarify me what is wrong with IP range

Why you can not filter out inoccent website from MB web scanner?

The way how MB works right now is not good at all.

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The reason for the block was due to the sheer volume of abuse and lack of response from WorldStream. However, I have been working with WorldStream to get their AS cleaned up and once that happens satisfactorily, and as long as they continue responding for a period after such, the block will be removed (various parts of their AS have already been unblocked because of this)


Edited to clarify a typo, it was Leaseweb I meant to type, not WorldStream.

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That block doesn't belong to WorldStream, it belongs to InfiniteTech

That would explain the lack of response from WorldStream.

Our company used to receive lots of complaints for sites not hosted in our network, after our initial emails telling that agency that those IPs weren't our we decided to ignore them and stop wasting our time answerings someone's else complaints not related to our network.

Send them to Infinitetech

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