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False Positive IP


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That's not actually true. Alot of blocks are actually only single IPs, not ranges. A range is only blocked when there is a significant amount of abuse and the IP owner isn't responsive.

In this case, the range is blocked because of a significant amount of abuse, and the IP owners deciding they don't want to deal with abuse reports from me.

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Was this block put in place because of a site we are currently hosting or because in general?

Our mail server is perfectly fine and have no received not one email to our abuse email.

It is not our fault that voxility has abusers, but we are new. Not one site is currently abuseing any law nor copyrights.

It was actually a bit of both, the IP was and still is, housing a site involved in fraud (not usually by itself, a cause for blocking, but in this case, the IP owner hasn't been exactly responsive), in addition, the IP owner (Voxility), decided to e-mail me to tell me they weren't going to action abuse reports from me (not the brightest idea when they want blocks removed).

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Well at the moment we (VaporHostn) are the owner of the IP of which is currently blocked.

The IP is leased from voxility as we are currently a colocated company.

What domain in specific is it that we are housing as the server on this IP is a very new server which has not even been online for more then a month as of now.

You cannot tell me that we are showcaseing a fraud site when we know exactly who we are hosting.

As far as the previous IP owners we are not responsible for their actions.

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That domain has been down for sometime since it was first moved to our host.

As we never seen the content we would have never known what was on it. As it is now just a install page we have no reason to remove it. And no reason our ip should be blocked.

What i don't understand is how such a company like malewarebytes can just ip ban a server without notice or even notifing the site admin before heading to the datacenter.

Thats just outright devious as you would easily get someone booted off a datacenter when it was not their fault do to large client bases if it is a hosting site.

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Alright i guess since you are representing malewarebytes in this case your trying to tell me we are being punished due to what voxility is doing even tho we host and are responsible for all content on our server.

I understand then i will let anyone who visits our site to add our ip's to a whitelist so this is not a issue as it seems malewarebytes is unreasonable towards requests which could be easily resolved.

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