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I am getting an error message...

Hi, and welcome to MBAM, BillyNZL:

I'm not aware of any detection by MBAM of MS Silverlight or any need to configure MBAM to ignore Silverlight (I have Silverlight 5 on both my rigs).

This sounds from what you describe more like a successful IP block by MBAM (for more info about the IP blocking module, please see the FAQ - Section G).

Until an MBAM staffer arrives, can you please provide more detail about the detection, such as:

1) What is actual text of the error message you are getting?

2) Can you please post a screenshot of the error message?

3) Can you please provide a MUNGED version of the website's URL, e.g. hxxp://www.thiswebsite.com (IOW change the http to hxxp, so that it will not be a live link),

or insert the link between code tags, e.g.



(For the safety of other forum users, please do NOT post the actual, clickable link, just in case it is a bad site.)

4) What version of MBAM & what version of the databases are you using (current is, database v2012.02.23.01)?



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Hi BillyNZL,

It's very possible and is actually likely.

If you think it is a false-positive block, you can have one of the researchers check it by posting the URL and the IP number of the block in the False Positives forum.

You can get the IP number from the protection log in the Logs tab.

You can also ignore the block by right clicking the tray icon and selecting the option to add to ignore list. The block notification does not still have to be showing. As long as the right click menu item is not grayed out (it's normal state) you can still add it.

Another option available to you is to temporarily disable website blocking by right clicking the tray icon and unchecking Website blocking. If you forget to turn it back on, Website blocking will automatically be back in effect when you restart Windows.

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