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Dear Maurice,

Thank you for kindly replying to me. I am sorry that I posted my first message in the wrong place.

I am not sure what "script" disabling I may have. I seem to remember something about scripts in IE6's Options. Tomorrow, I will uninstall all my anti-malware and anti-virus programmes (not that they are all working at the moment as a result of the Rootkit.Win32.Pmax.gen infection) and run the dds.scr programme you mentioned at http://forums.malwar...?showtopic=9573.

I am able to temporarily neutralise (I think) the rogue entries i.e. 1935382290, 12975b73 and the two Control Set 001 and 002 entries of 12975b73 and having done so, I hope that my urgent e-mails just sent out to a few people are not tainted.

I have e-mailed Malwarebytes Support, as you suggested. I do have a Licence for the full programme through PC Advisor magazine.

Thank you again for replying.

Regards, Victor. 21st February 00.34am (London time)

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