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Issue with win32.zafi.b


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I'll try to include as much information as I've noticed so far & hopefully someone can help me, this started a few days ago.

when the computer starts up a box comes up and says there is the Win32.Zafi.B virus on it and wants me to click on the link to download something to fix it.

When I try to go to any website, it says, "this page cannot be displayed".

This happens on both IE and firefox.

System Restore -> I've tried this, but it seems to be disabled somehow.

I have McAfee and AVG on the computer, but they are outdated and will not run anyway. Ad-aware is the only one which has installed properly & has been able to run so far, it finds 6 things but clearing them off doesn't help.

I downloaded Super AntiSpyware Professional, MalwareBytes, and HiJackThis on another computer and tried to install them on the infected one. It gives a microsoft error when I try opening SASP, asking me if I wish to send them the data. MalwareBytes does nothing and same with HiJackThis. I read on cnet to change the filename of the Malwarebytes, so I did, and it installed but nothing. I am doing all of this in safe mode.

I also read about the win32.zafi.b worm and it showed me two registry keys to delete and a few files to delete, none of these files are on the computer or in the registry.

I would greatly appreciate any assistance with this.

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