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Suspected FP: DDI Installer (700_DDI_CB.exe)

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The filename is 700_DDI_CB.exe (DDI = Dungeons & Dragons Insider)

It is detected as Packer.ModifiedUPX.

No password on the .zip, wasn't sure if necessary.

Logfile (mbam /developer) is attached as well.

I believe this is a false positive, it is an (admittedly, old) installer for Dungeons & Dragons Insider and I'm certain the file was downloaded from the Wizards of the Coast website. It started detecting after I updated my definitions yesterday. I haven't had a chance to update them today (no regular net access at home, burned disc before leaving for work; doing this at library) to see if it is still detected.

I used some online scanners, results:

VirusTotal: 3/43

Jotti Malware Scan: 0/20

VirScan: 0/43

Can any someone confirm for me please so I can stop worrying? :)


mbam-log-2012-02-19 (16-00-35).txt

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This file is being detected by a heurisitic detection. Basically the author is using a modified upx like a lot of malware does. If you notice its a generic detection and not listed as trojan, worm etc.

We will see if we can modify the heurisitic but its safe to add to ignore list.

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