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That log is impossible to read. I've tried opening in LibreOffice and Gedit/Vim and appears to be in a special format that's not plain text or typical office files.

An extension.mismatch means the file is not of the extension that it says it is. For example you have a "supposed" image file(jpeg, png, gif etc) which is really an executable(exe, dll) file.

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That file has an MZ header, which is indicative of an executable (EXE, DLL etc.), while a log file is supposed to be a raw text file. If you open the file with a text editor such as notepad, you'll see quite plainly that it absolutely is not a log of any sort, but instead is an executable file whose file extension has been renamed to .log.

I don't know if the file is malicious or not, but if I found such a file on my PC, I would likely remove it just to be safe as I see no legitimate reason why an executable would be renamed to a text format unless it were trying to conceal itself (which is precisely why Malwarebytes Anti-Malware makes such detections, as it's part of our heuristics detection capabilities).

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Thanks Exile, I've removed it and I've noticed a significant improvement in my laptop speed, I don't know whether that was directly related to the suspicious log being removed or not, but I'm guessing it was.

Thanks again everyone!

You're welcome :)

If it was related, you might want to get your PC checked for infections by one of the expert helpers in the Malware Removal area of the forum, as it may have been a component of an infection, and there are likely more components remaining if that was the case.

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